How Spray Foam Insulation Can Help You Prepare For The Winter

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As the temperature drops, homeowners tend to see an increase in their heating bills. It is common to simply turn up the thermostat to keep your house warm. However, your heating system is not going to be as effective if you do not have the proper insulation.

Insulation keeps the warm air inside and the cold air outside of your home. Read on to find out how spray foam insulation in particular can help you prepare for the winter.

How Does Insulation Work?

Homeowners must prepare in advance for the cold season. Insulation is a barrier that works to trap heat inside of the home. Heat can creep out through cracks in the wall when you do not have this barrier.

Small openings, leaks, and air drafts can be found in some homes that allow warm air to escape. This means your heating system will have to work twice as hard to maintain a warm temperature inside your home.

For these reasons, you have to check the condition of your insulation. If your insulation is not up to par, then you have to install new material. You also have to check for openings in your home that can cause air leaks. When you find these openings, you need to seal them off with insulation. Pay special attention to openings around doors and windows.

What Is Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF)?

Spray polyurethane foam is made from a mixture of chemicals to create a foam. This mixture works very quickly and expands on contact, which creates the foam to insulate a building. SPF seals out the air and provides a moisture barrier.

Call In A Professional

If you do not have experience with installing SPF insulation, then you should call in a professional. This job requires special equipment, including a foam machine, a heated hose, a spray foam gun, and transfer pumps. A heated hose, such as those purchased at Copperstate Hose, can maintain a supply of water in freezing temperatures. Many homeowners do not have a heated hose in their storage shed. If you do not have the equipment on hand, then you will need to buy the items or rent them.

Homeowners have to make repairs before the winter season arrives. You do not want to have to make emergency repairs, which means spending more money. It helps to call and schedule your insulation check today. You have a duty to make sure your family is warm and comfortable.

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