4 Things To Understand About Cold Rolled Steel

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If you have a project that you need to use steel for, make sure that you understand the different types of steel available to you. Cold rolled steel is one of the types of steel that you can use for your project.

#1 Cold Rolled Steel Is Limited To A Few Shapes

First, if you want to work with cold rolled steel, you need to understand that it is limited to a few different shapes. Cold rolled steel comes in really basic shapes, such as square, round and flat. Cold rolled steel does not come in unusual or unique shapes. It just comes in variations of basic shapes.

Cold rolled steel can also be custom cut into different shapes. However, the shapes must fit specific specifications. The cross-section of the shape has to be uniform. The transverse dimension also has to be small as well. It takes a lot of different processes to create custom cold rolled steel shapes, so you need to know exactly what you want before you begin the process.

#2 Cold Rolled Steel Products Are Smaller

Due to how the cold rolled steel production process works, cold rolled steel products are usually smaller than their hot rolled steel counterparts. For example, if you were to purchase a bar, rod or sheet made out of cold rolled steel, the product is going to be smaller compared to the same product made with hot rolled steel.

The upside to the smaller products created by the cold rolled steel process is that the products have a higher tolerant level, which means they can handle a great degree of stress compared to their hot rolled steel counterparts.

#3 Various Types of Cold Rolled Steel

There are actually various types of cold rolled style. Full hard cold rolled steel is the thinnest of all the cold rolled steel options. In order of increasing thickness is half hard, quarter hard and skin rolled cold steel. Each type of cold rolled steel listed about has less of a reduction than full hard cold rolled steel.

#4 Cold Rolled Steel Is Very Precise

 Cold rolled steel is very precise. The dimensions used to create it are extremely accurate. They are much more accurate than the dimensions used with hot rolled steel. Cold rolled steel products are always much closer to the intended dimensions because the steel has already cooled off before it is cut and shaped. If precision is important in your project, cold rolled steel is the best choice. 

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