Running A Business? Benefits Of Bollards

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Managing a business of any sorts is difficult. From hiring and training employees to ensuring your company is profitable and successful, it is easy to see how management can be so overwhelming. Unfortunately, one aspect that many managers forget about is their parking lots. These spaces are used for vehicles moving in and out of your business establishment, but they can also become unsafe and dangerous to clients, employees, and personal property. Thankfully, bollards allow your parking lot to be organized and safe without a large investment. Here are a few things you need to know about parking lot bollards.

The 411 on Bollards

You most likely have seen bollards in other parking lots, but you may not have known what these tall metal posts were called. The durable posts are strong enough to deter accidental traffic in parking lots of schools, shopping centers, warehouses, and even airports.

If you are considering installing bollards, you will need to choose the type and material. Many businesses opt for the permanent barriers because they are the most affordable option. However, collapsible and flexible bollards may be better suited to your parking area if your traffic needs change periodically.

There are different materials used to create these posts, as well. Stainless steel is the most popular choice due to its resistance to staining and rust.

The stainless finish can be covered with materials for added color and security. For example, if you want to provide added security and visibility, consider wrapping the stainless steel post in reflective tape, which will be helpful for drivers at night.


Keeping your business establishment safe is the main benefit of installing bollards in your parking area. The posts will help drivers locate your parking area without difficulty while also preventing crashes into other vehicles and your building.

The tall steel posts can also be used to restrict entry into your parking area. Permanent bollards will block vehicles on a long-term basis while the collapsible posts allow others to enter when and if necessary.

Today, more and more business owners are opting for architectural bollards, which offer security while enhancing the appeal of the building. Consider hiring local individuals to create artwork on the architectural bollards to increase the appeal of your business establishment even further.

When it comes to managing your company, you may not place much emphasis on the building's exterior. With the use of bollards, you can provide your business, employees, and visitors with a safe, secure, and appealing business exterior. 

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