3 Times When It's A Good Idea To Upgrade The Pallet Racks In Your Warehouse Facility

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In a warehouse setting, there are few fixtures more important than the pallet racking that is in place. There is no other storage solutions that can be built to accommodate the ever-changing needs of a warehouse business. Pallet racks are designed to last so that they can remain in use for a lot of years with little attention or thoughts of upgrading. However, sometimes it is best to replace these industrial racking systems. Here are a few situations when it would be a good idea to replace the pallet racks you have in your warehouse. 

Your warehouse business relocates

When your warehouse business relocates to a new building, you have two options; you can either take the pallet racks with you when you go or leave them behind as part of the building you are leaving. In most cases, it is more financially logical to leave the pallet racks behind, especially if they have been in use for several years. Once you get to the new building, the same pallet racks may not work as well in the new space with the new floor plan. Plus, the costs of disassembling and hauling the pallet racks can outweigh what it would take to simply invest in new racking. 

Your storage demands change considerably

Perhaps you take on a new client that has a lot more bulk items to be handled, or maybe you have a change in the turnover rate of stored items so that things will be stored for longer timeframes. These are perfect examples of situations when it would be a good idea to consider having your pallet racks replaced. Not only can it be beneficial to upgrade the pallet racks, so they are better configured to store what you need, this is a good opportunity to install updates all the way around. 

Your current racks are outdated

It is not uncommon for a warehouse business to inherit pallet racking that was in the building when they bought it. While this already available pallet racking can work, for the time being, it is usually not something you want to keep for the long term. As the demands of your business grow and change, it is best to have pallet racks that are specifically designed to cater to your storage needs. Plus, building codes with pallet racks do change with time, so keeping outdated versions around could become a safety concern in your work environment. 

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