Have A Machine That Is Running Slow And Shaking? What To Do

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If you have a machine on your shop floor that doesn't get used as much as the other machines around your shop, and you notice that it's starting to run with some concern or that it seems to be running less efficiently, there are some things that you want to do. There are some basic maintenance concerns that you will have and that you should address before the machines start to have major mechanical complications. Some of these maintenance options include the following listed below.

Fluid Maintenance 

Be sure to maintain the fluid on the machines regularly, even if the machine hasn't been used as much as any others. You want to know that you have high quality hydraulic and cooling fluids helping the machines function at their very best, and if not, you could be preventing the machine from reaching its potential lifespan, or could be putting the unit at the risk of problems.

Pipe Fitting Replacement

If the pipe fittings are starting to get loose, rusted, or they aren't holding things in place as needed, fix right away before you have a major machine malfunction or complication. It may take some time for you to disassemble the specific components and replace the pipe fittings, but this is important if you want everything to work as needed and to prevent alighting issues and other concerns.

Compressor Cleaning

Take an air compressor machine and clean throughout the exterior and interior chambers to make sure that you get everything cleaned as it needs to be, and so you can eliminate dust that could be clogging up the filters. There are a lot of different reasons why you should clean out all of your machines regularly with an air compressor, and you also want to clean or replace any filter that is on the machine.

If you aren't sure what is going on with the machine, but it is running a little sluggish, and you think that it needs some type of tune-up, try these different things and also seek a professional machine mechanical for help if you think it's needed. If you are having problems with the machine, and you can tell that there are pipes that are loose, dirty fluids, or other issues, it may be time to call in a professional to work on the machine and to see what's wrong, before it has serious and expensive problems you have to deal with and pay for.

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