3 Signs A Stationary Column And Boom Tank Welding Machine Is Right For You

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If you're looking to purchase an automatic tank girth welding machine for welding tanks and other things, you will need to decide whether you want to purchase a unit that is stationary or that is portable. For some types of jobs, a portable welding machine is the only thing that will work. For example, mobile welders who go from place to place to do these jobs need portable units. However, there are people who can benefit from a more stationary unit. These are three possible signs that a stationary column and boom welding machine might be ideal for your needs.

1. You Usually Work in the Same Place

Obviously, you aren't going to want to purchase a stationary welding machine if you often have to do welding work in different places. Even if you don't have a need to travel with your welding machine, you might still need a mobile unit if you work in different areas of the building. If you usually work in the same area of the building, however, such as if you have a specific welding shop in your building and if you usually bring items that need to be welded into the welding shop, then a stationary unit might work well, since you won't have a need to move the unit around.

2. You Need Stability

Of course, even though portable welding machines do have their perks, they have their disadvantages, too. Even though portable machines can usually be locked in place so that you don't have to worry about them moving around while you're working with them, they can be more prone to sliding out of place. This can obviously cause problems when you're in the middle of an important weld. If you need a little more stability, you might like the idea that stationary welding machines stay firmly in place. They don't have wheels, and they're often a bit heavier. This can provide you with the stability that you need while you're doing welding jobs.

3. You Want Ease of Care

Portable systems usually have wheels and other parts that are designed to make moving them around easier. The problem with this is that there are then even more parts for you to have to worry about taking care of. Since a stationary column and boom welding machine doesn't have these additional parts, maintenance is just a little bit easier, and there are fewer parts for you to have to worry about breaking down.

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