Planning A Big Project? 4 Tips That Will Help You Choose The Right Asphalt Supplier

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If you have a paving project that will require the delivery of large amounts of asphalt, you need to find the best supplier possible. You can't afford to take chances with the delivery of your asphalt supply. Before you hire an asphalt supplier, take a look at the list below. The information provided here will help you avoid problems with your next asphalt project.

1. Familiarize Yourself With the Competition 

When it comes to choosing an asphalt supplier for your paving project, it's important that you familiarize yourself with the competition. Begin by asking for customer reviews from the companies you're considering. Next, take the time to identify the going rate for asphalt work in your area – especially for projects that are comparable to the one that you'll be undertaking. Finally, obtain quotes and estimates from the top three companies on your list. That way, you'll have enough information to make a knowledgeable choice about your asphalt supplier.

2. Don't Proceed Without the Proper Protection

If you're going to be tackling a project that requires asphalt paving, don't proceed without the proper protection. The proper protection will help you avoid costly problems relating to your asphalt project:


Before you sign on with an asphalt supplier, make sure they have the right licenses for the work they'll be doing for you.


When signing with an asphalt supplier, you need them to have enough insurance to provide you with the protection you'll need should a problem arise.


Finally, you'll need to ensure that your asphalt supplier has surety bonds to guarantee that all obligations regarding the delivery of your asphalt are fulfilled.

3. Aim for Companies That Own Their Equipment

If you have a large asphalt project that needs to be completed, and you need an asphalt supplier, look for a company that has access to its own equipment. Companies that require rental equipment for the fulfillment of their jobs may encounter additional costs, which may end up being passed on to you. Working with a company that has its own equipment will help reduce the risk of unexpected rate increases.

4. Consider Current Weather Conditions

If your project is expected to continue through bouts of inclement weather conditions, be sure to choose an asphalt supplier with experience in all types of weather. This is particularly important if you're expecting issues with ice, snow or freezing temperatures. Working with the right supplier will help you avoid weather-related issues during the project.

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