3 Ways To Tell If Your Fridge Door Seal Is Bad

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Commercial refrigerators play an essential role in ensuring the safety of food products served to the public each day. Without a functioning fridge, a food service facility will not be able to keep perishable foods cool enough to prevent spoiling.

There are many components that work together to help a commercial fridge remain cool. One of these components is the rubber gasket that fits around each fridge door.

Knowing when to replace this gasket can help you improve the reliability and performance of your commercial fridge in the future.

1. Check the Interior Temperature

Commercial food services facilities should always keep an internal thermometer inside each fridge. This internal thermometer can provide valuable information about the condition and performance of the fridge.

As soon as you notice the interior temperature beginning to creep up, you know it's time to check your door gaskets.

A damaged door gasket allows warm air to begin seeping into the interior of a fridge. Replacing the damaged gasket should restore the seal of the door, allowing the fridge to maintain a cool interior.

2. Check for Condensation

Another tell-tale sign that you may have a problem with your commercial fridge's door gaskets is the appearance of condensation. The warm air that seeps into your fridge through a faulty gasket generates a high level of humidity within the fridge itself.

Water droplets suspended in the air will eventually condense on the interior surfaces of your fridge. Condensation can contribute to early food spoilage and the premature failure of your commercial condenser unit.

Replace the door gaskets to eliminate condensation and restore the airtight seal of your fridge doors.

3. Monitor Operating Cycles

A fridge that is functioning as it should be will not run constantly.

Functional commercial fridges will eventually reach the temperature setting you have programmed into the appliance. As soon as this temperature is reached, the fridge will go quiet. A commercial fridge that is compromised will run constantly.

Faulty door gaskets allow warm air to continually seep into the fridge's interior space. This prevents the fridge from ever reaching the desired temperature, causing the cooling system to run continuously.

If you notice any changes in the operating cycle of your commercial fridge, it could be time to replace damaged door gaskets.

Knowing when to replace your commercial fridge door gaskets can be a simple way to improve the overall safety and efficiency of your commercial kitchen.

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