How To Purchase A Cable Granulator Machine For Copper Recycling

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When wire cables no longer have a purpose and are discarded, there are still valuable materials worth pursuing like copper. You can use a cable granulator recycling machine to strip away the exterior materials like plastic and subsequently leave behind valuable copper. Buying one of these machines for these exact purposes is pretty simple if you use these tips.

Make Sure Hopper Is Sized Correctly 

Most cable granulator machines take advantage of a structure known as a hopper. This is a bin-like part that you'll be inserting wire cables into. In order for this action to be well-supported, you need to make sure your hopper size is correct.

You also want this hopper size to be perfect because it will keep materials from spilling out of the granulator while it runs. Try thinking about the cables you're trying to recycle and their size. Then, you can choose a compatible hopper size that allows you to easily insert cables without any resistance. 

Look for Granule Size Customization

When you pulverize wire cables to leave behind copper materials, you probably want the granules to be a certain size. That may depend on who you're trying to sell to, but either way, you'll have these capabilities if you get a granulator machine with granule size customization.

You can adjust the granulator to leave behind copper materials that are a certain granule size, which is ultimately going to make the end results look a lot more uniform and professional. You will have an easier time selling recycled copper to buyers looking for said materials. 

Ensure Belt Conveyor Is Dependable

In order to move wire cables throughout a granulator machine, a conveyor system is typically needed. You want to make sure this component is extremely dependable because this will make a huge difference in how your wire cable recycling activities go.

You want to find a conveyor system that offers smooth movement and is made out of durable materials. Then you won't have to constantly check on this component or make repairs. You'll know when you send wire cables up the conveyor to different areas of a granulator, this movement will be properly supported each time. 

You can have a much easier time breaking down and separating materials found in wire cables if you end up using a granulator recycling machine. That's especially true if you end up with a model that has dependable parts, efficient cutting action, and a user-friendly design overall. For more information about finding a cable granulator recycling machine for sale, contact a local seller.

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