Protocols To Follow When Having Rubber Stoppers Professionally Manufactured

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If you're trying to keep fluids inside bottles or containers, you can use rubber stoppers. They'll create a tight seal that holds up until you need to use the fluids inside. If you're having these rubber parts made by a manufacturer, these protocols should be considered. 

Figure Out What Opening Size to Support

In order for a stopper to keep liquids in a container or bottle, it has to be sized right to create an effective seal that is able to last. You can make sure you give your manufacturer the right dimensions for a perfectly sized rubber stopper by looking at the container you're supporting with the said sealing solution.

How big is the opening exactly? You can take measurements to find a definite answer and then be better off when giving the rubber stopper manufacturing sizing preferences. At the end of manufacturing, you can trust the rubber stopper will stay in place without leaving extra space for leakage to cause issues.

Go Tapered if Supporting Multiple Container Sizes

If you plan on using the same rubber stopper with different container sizes, then make sure your manufacturer creates the stopper with a tapered design. That means it will feature different diameters from top to bottom, helping you find the perfect fit regardless of which containers are being supported.

You can easily swap out containers and still get optimal function out of the same rubber stopper, which ultimately helps reduce manufacturing costs because you won't need to order as many stoppers.

Make Sure Rubber Provides Optimal Fluid Support

There may be instances when the rubber stopper you order from a manufacturer comes in contact with the substance inside the container being supported. You thus need to make sure the stopper can be exposed to this substance and not break down at any point.

For instance, if you have corrosive chemicals inside a container, then you need a rubber stopper that's corrosion-resistant and still provides optimal sealing should this substance make contact with the stopper. Let the manufacturer know what fluids are relevant, and they'll make sure the right rubber compounds are used for this stopping solution. 

Rubber stoppers are excellent parts for keeping fluids contained in things like bottles and jars. As long as you find a manufacturer that knows how to comply with your needs and requests, it will be easy to order a high-quality rubber stopper that functions well for a long time. 

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