7 of the Most Important Things to Know When Using British Thread Gages

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Your operations that involve the use of British thread gages will be as productive and efficient as possible when you are adequately informed. The following are seven of the most important things to know when using British thread gages

Store British thread gages at regulated temperatures

Temperature extremes are not good for your British thread gages. Temperature extremes can warp the metal components of thread gages. That's why you should always ensure that storage areas in which you're keeping thread gages have climate control features. 

Be precise when labeling the size of British thread gages

You might have numerous different thread gauge sizes that are needed at your facility. It's difficult to keep track of the size of different thread gages if you're not clearly labeling them.

You should develop effective labeling procedures to make sure that you're always choosing properly sized British thread gages for different applications at your facility. 

Train all your operators thoroughly

A lot of mistakes regarding thread gage use at industrial facilities are the result of poor operator training practices. Operators need to be thoroughly versed in thread gage usage and maintenance to avoid malfunctions and productivity issues that result from inadequate operator training. 

Double-check your calculations regarding metric figures

When North American industrial facilities use British thread gages, it's always important to make sure that calculations involving metric units are done correctly. Many staff members at North American facilities may have more familiarity with imperial units, so double-checking calculations is essential. 

Know how to clean your British thread gages

It's typical for residue and debris to get caught in the component parts of thread gages. When this happens, thread gages inevitably function less precisely. That's why residue and debris must be regularly cleaned out of thread gages to maintain an acceptable level of precision. 

Know how to lubricate your Britsh thread gages

Another essential aspect of thread gage usage is lubrication. When thread gages are lubricated properly, they are more efficient and less likely to develop corrosion.

You should use easy-peel wax coating lubricants because these are widely regarded as the best lubricants for thread gages. 

Recalibrate British thread gages

Thread gages will not remain permanently calibrated properly. Regular use and aging throw off thread gauge calibration over time. That's why thread gages must be recalibrated from time to time.

Be sure to keep careful records on recalibration procedures so that you can be sure of accuracy from your thread gages. 

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