Why Rent A Mobile Scaffold Tower?

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If you need to work at height on a job, then a ladder will sometimes work for you. In some cases, you need to erect some kind of scaffolding, say if you're working on bigger, more complex, or higher jobs.

However, there is some middle ground here. It can make sense to rent a mobile scaffold tower. How does this kind of scaffolding work? What are its benefits?

What Is A Mobile Scaffold Tower?

A mobile scaffold tower is a box-like piece of scaffolding. It typically contains step access at either side and one or more work platforms, depending on the height of the tower. It also has lockable wheels at its base so that you can move it around.

Larger mobile scaffold towers also usually have more safety features. For example, they might have side braces to add stability and safety barriers to close off open working areas.

You usually build a scaffold tower yourself on site. This isn't a complicated job. This kind of scaffolding is typically lightweight enough for one person to put it together.

Why Use a Mobile Scaffold Tower?

If you're working at a relatively low height, then you might think that ladder access is the best solution. However, this isn't always true.

Ladders won't give you optimum safety or practical workspace. It is easy to fall off a ladder, especially if you are holding materials, trying to do your job, and keeping your balance. You might need to put someone at the bottom of the ladder to hold it to make it more stable.

A mobile tower scaffold is a safer alternative to a ladder. You get a stable working space, and you can store materials on the tower's platforms. A tower can also hold more than one person, so you can work faster. You won't need anyone to hold the tower once it is secure.

Or, if you are working on a larger or higher job, then you might be looking at setting up fixed scaffolding. You know that you need more room to work with fixed stability.

However, fixed scaffolding is usually more expensive to rent and set up. You need more parts and longer set-up times to cover a large working area.

Here, a mobile scaffold could reduce your rental and time costs. These scaffolds are quick to erect. Once you have built them, you can move them from place to place by simply unlocking their wheels and pushing them along to the next part of your job.

To find out more about mobile scaffold towers and their benefits, contact scaffolding equipment rental companies.

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